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Can you cover non-UK residents?

No – we can only provide cover for persons who currently reside in the UK, and have done so for more than 6 months and are registered with a medical practitioner in the area in which they reside. For persons residing outside of the UK, please click here for details of our specialist policy available to persons living anywhere in the world.

How do I find out which country is classed as Europe or Worldwide?

Geographical Areas

– United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Jersey

– Europe west of the Ural Mountains including all countries with a Mediterranean coastline excluding Libya and Lebanon.

– Worldwide excluding the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.

– Worldwide including the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands

These Definitions are provided in ther policy wording and they can also be viewed by clicking on the help button alongside destinations during the online quote process.

What is an Excess?

This is the amount you will have to pay towards the cost of each claim under the policy after the application of the policy limits.

Can I remove the excess?

Our Single trip policy offers an excess waiver option. This removes any excesses which apply under the various sections of the policy. You would not be responsible for paying anything in the event of a claim if you have taken out the excess waiver. PLEASE NOTE: The Excess waiver does not apply to Excesses applied to claims resulting from participation in Level 2 or Level 3 Hazardous Pursuits.

This option is not available on the Annual Multi-trip policies.

Do you cover Repatriation?

Repatriation is included under Section B -Emergency Medical and other Expenses of the policy. In all cases, you must contact the assistance company in the event you need to be repatriated back to the UK. The assistance company must give their approval and will be able to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Is baggage covered?

Baggage is covered as standard on all our policies. Terms and conditions apply. Please see policy wording for full details.

Would I be covered if I had to cancel due to ill health?

The policy provides cover under Section A – Cancellation, due to ill health, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

What is covered?

The travel insurance products that we offer provide cover under various sections. They include Medical Expenses, Personal Effects and Baggage, and Personal Liability. There are also various other areas of cover provided. Please refer to the policy wording for full details. PLEASE NOTE: there is.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

Pre-Existing Medical Condition – Any cancer, heart condition (including hypertension and high cholesterol), blood circulatory condition, respiratory condition (including asthma), renal condition (relating to the liver or kidney), stroke, psychiatric or psychological condition (including anxiety, stress and depression) for which You have received treatment or been prescribed medication within the last twelve months; and any other Medical Condition for which You have seen a specialist or been admitted to hospital overnight within the last twelve months. (Please see the Medical Warranty section on page 4 of the policy wording for full details and conditions).

Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions?

We are able to cover many pre-existing medical conditions, subject to an additional premium. Please declare your pre-existing medical conditions during the sales process.

Should I take an GHIC (replacement to the EHIC) with me when I travel?

Yes – if you are travelling to, or through an EU destination. By taking and utilising your GHIC, in the event of a claim for medical expenses, we will not deduct the policy excess where your claim is reduced due to its use, or any other reciprocal health agreements.

How do I obtain a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)?

You can apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). either online through or, by telephoning 0300 330 1350 (Mon to Fri, 8am – 6pm and Sat, 9am – 3pm).

IMPORTANT NOTE – BEWARE OF UNOFFICIAL WEBSITES who require you to pay a fee to process your application or fast track your application. The GHIC card is free and cannot be fast tracked.

Are we covered by our travel insurance if we wanted to drive while abroad?

The policy covers you whilst driving abroad, however personal liability cover will not apply. We do not provide cover for the vehicle as this should have been arranged with an appropriate motor insurance for this.

Do I need winter sports cover if I’m skiing?

Yes – you will need to select the winter sports option and pay the additional premium.

Can I arrange cover to ride motorbikes over 125cc?

Motorcycling up to 50cc is covered subject to the standard terms and conditions. Motorcycling above 50cc would require adding the optional cover – Level 1,2 & 3 Hazardous Pursuits. For all motorcycling, a crash helmet must be worn, and you must hold the appropriate license. There is no personal liability cover or cover for the motorbike itself. Please see the policy wording for full details.

Am I covered for safaris?

If the safari is UK organised it is covered under the standard terms and conditions. If the safari is non-UK organised, you will need to add the optional cover – Level 1 & 2 Hazardous Pursuits as shown in the policy. Both options are only available provided no firearms are used.

Is scuba diving covered?

Yes – cover is automatically provided for scuba diving activities, but not beyond your qualified depth, and up to a maximum of 30 metres. If your qualified depth is 50 metres you would need to add the optional cover – Level 1 &2 Hazardous Pursuits. If you are hiring or taking your own equipment, make sure that you have adequate insurance cover for the equipment itself.

Do you cover children to travel alone?

Single Trip policy – children can travel alone, but they will be charged the standard adult rate.
Annual Multi-Trip policy – Independent travel is permitted for children on Family and single parent family policies provided they are living in the same household and travelling in accordance with any carrier requirements and are either accompanied by another responsible adult or are staying with and being met at their destination by a responsible adult.

Can you travel separately on an annual multi-trip policy?

Yes – a couple may travel independently of one another, but children must travel either accompanied by another responsible adult or are staying with and being met at their destination by a responsible adult.

Is an annual multi-trip policy suitable for long stay trips?

Our Annual Multi-Trip policy has 2 options allowing you to travel for up to 31 days or 45 Days for any one trip, depending on which policy duration you decide to purchase.

Is there a restriction on how many times I can travel on an annual multi-trip policy?

You may travel as many times as you wish during the period of insurance, providing each trip is no than to maximum trip duration of the policy you purchased.

Do I have to tell you every time I travel on an annual multi-trip policy?

No, on an annual policy you do not need to inform us when you are travelling.

I am taking a large group abroad. Are they covered?

Please contact us to arrange a suitable quotation, as we may be able to offer an alternative policy appropriate to the type of trip being undertaken.

What do I do if my money or possessions are stolen whilst I'm away?

You will need to obtain a police report within 24 hours, then contact our claims team when you return to the UK. Our policy does not provide cover for replacement money to be sent to you whilst still on your holiday.

The price quoted - is it the total or is it per person?

All prices quoted are in total for the number of travellers you have entered when obtaining your quotation and include IPT.

What does IPT mean?

IPT stands for Insurance Premium Tax and is automatically included in all our prices at the current rate of 20%. This is a Government Tax.

If I wanted to buy a policy, are there any forms to fill out and send to you?

You do not need to complete any forms or send anything to us. We issue all documents online and you are instantly covered. It’s as easy as that. PLEASE NOTE: if you require specialist cover with respect to travelling against FCDO advice, you will need to complete an application form.

How quickly do I receive the documents?

All your policy documents will be emailed to you as soon as your purchase is complete. If you lose your policy documents, our Customer Portal will allow you to view and email you documents or you can email and we will email them to you.

Do I have to take all the documents with me when I travel?

You will need to be able to access your policy documents as they contain all the necessary information including what to do in the event of a Medical Emergency requiring contact with the 24-hour medical assistance. The easiest way to access your policy documents is via the Customer Portal. Details of how to access the Customer Portal are provided at the end of the sales process. Alternatively, you can print the documentation yourself.

Is there any FCDO advice available for my travel destination?

Below are a number of links to the FCDO website where official up-to-date information can be found, including helpful travel advice & tips for British nationals overseas.

Travel Advice by Country, including warnings about ‘no-go’ countries, countries where only essential travel is recommended, the latest travel updates, and travel advice country by country.

Travel Aware, is an ongoing campaign to help Brits stay safe and healthy abroad.

Does my policy cover travel against FCDO advice?

No – we cannot cover any claims arising directly or indirectly from you travelling against British Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice or where it is deemed unsafe for You to travel at the time of Your departure, the list includes, but is not limited t : Afghanistan, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen. If you require cover for travel to a country/region/area where the FCDO are advising against travel, please click here to download an application form which should be completed and emailed to

Is your website secure?

Yes, our website is secure; when you press the debit/credit card button you will be able to see the padlock in the top right-hand corner of your screen.