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Dive Just That Little Bit Deeper... With Let’s Go Insure’s Diving Insurance.

Most insurance providers will limit their cover to shallow plunges as part of their dive insurance. Not us.

Europe from £26.00 per trip includes:
  • Scuba diving up to 40 metres*
  • Up to £250 for your dive equipment
  • Cost of decompression chambers
  • Medical expenses
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Worldwide from £81.00 per trip includes:
  • Scuba diving up to 40 metres*
  • Up to £250 for your dive equipment
  • Cost of decompression chambers
  • Medical expenses
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Annual Multi-Trip from £120.00 per year includes:
  • Scuba diving up to 40 metres*
  • Up to £250 for your dive equipment
  • Cost of decompression chambers
  • Medical expenses
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Travel Smart. Travel Secure. Trust in Let's Go Insure.

It’s Time to Get to the Bottom of This.

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  • You guys totally rock!

  • Very happy. It was very easy and straightforward.

  • Great website, helpful customer service staff.

  • I was delighted to find out about your company a couple of years ago. Thankfully I've never had to claim but your premiums seem very reasonable & the website a useful addition.

  • I needed to telephone and speak to a member of your staff who was both helpful and efficient.

Do I Need Special Cover for Diving?

Unlike us, most travel insurance companies have one foot on shore and… none in the sea. This is why it’s almost certain that your regular travel policy will leave you feeling like a fish out of water when you need to make a claim for something that happened to you below sea level.

Underwater sports come with a whole new range of eventualities. Your diving equipment might get damaged, your camera might get flooded, or your flipper might get eaten by a shark (although that would be a less likely case).

Due to the unusual circumstances in which these things might happen, you won’t be covered with just a standard package. And none of us want to be in a situation where we thought we were covered, only to come home to face disappointment.

This is why you need to make sure to find and secure good, commodious dive insurance before you leave on your trip to explore the world’s reefs.

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea…

What Does my Policy Cover Me For?

Our expert team is proud to cater to the most adventurous spirits. This is why, depending on your needs, our policies can include:

  • Scuba dive insurance for up to 40 metres
  • Cover for equipment including air tank, wet suits, pressure gauges, masks and snorkels, fins, weight belt etc.
  • Underwater cameras
  • Technical diving
  • Personal injuries or accidents
  • Personal liability
  • Cover for other outdoor activities not included in standard packages

Tip: Always go for the most comfortable insurance package, so that you won’t have to worry about going just that extra metre further…

What Makes Your Dive Insurance Better?

At Let’s Go Insure, we fully appreciate that you’re not the kind of traveller who likes to stay put on solid ground all the time. This is why our comprehensive packages allow you to go to the far depths when it comes to exploring the magical world under the sea.

We offer custom packages that allow you to choose how far you’ll go beneath the surface (please keep in mind that the reefs and caves you’re navigating might require you to go just that little bit deeper than you’re officially allowed to go). With our competitively commodious packages, you can be sure we’ve got your back at 30.5 metres’ depth as well as at -30 metres.

If the unfortunate case you do lose or break a personal possession or hurt yourself whilst underwater, our team will make sure your expenses are paid back into your account soon after your claim has been approved.

Our reliable policies are underwritten by some of the most trusted insurance companies out there, so the only pressure you will feel… is underwater pressure.

What Should I Do to Make a Claim?

If you have chosen your diving insurance package wisely, getting your money back for theft, loss, damage or accidents is a quick and easy process. Simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Collect evidence of what happened – be it receipts, pictures of damaged goods, crime reference numbers, statements from fellow divers/instructors etc. This will help us process your claim as quick and painlessly as possible.
  2. Get in touch with our team via email, phone or Royal Mail. If there is an excess to pay, this will need to be paid before we can approve your claim.
  3. Once your claim has been approved, we’ll refund your money in record time. You’re welcome!