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It’s Adventure Time! Get a Backpacker Travel Insurance Bargain.

With Let’s Go Insure, you always pay the right price for the right cover - whether you’re travelling in Europe or around the world, for a few months or for a year.

Up to 3 Months
In Europe: £182
Worldwide exc. North America: £222
Worldwide inc. North America: £288
Up to 6 Months
In Europe: £274
Worldwide exc. North America: £318
Worldwide inc. North America: £407
Up to 1 Year
In Europe: £493
Worldwide exc. North America: £493
Worldwide inc. North America: £628

Travel Smart. Travel Secure. Trust in Let's Go Insure.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles
Begins With Good Insurance.

  • Great website, helpful customer service staff.

  • You guys totally rock!

  • I needed to telephone and speak to a member of your staff who was both helpful and efficient.

  • Very happy. It was very easy and straightforward.

  • I was delighted to find out about your company a couple of years ago. Thankfully I've never had to claim but your premiums seem very reasonable & the website a useful addition.

  • A well thought out online application form and very easy to use.

Why Do I Need Backpacker Travel Insurance?

If you’re heading out to see the world (or at least a chunk of it), you have an invaluable experience lying ahead of you which will stay with you for a lifetime. You’ve saved up some money, set out your itinerary… and chances are that, now your departure is drawing near, you’ll want to allow yourself the time to take it all in.

This is when the ever-important backpacker travel insurance makes its entrance.

Some of you might think, indeed, that a single trip policy will be sufficient to keep you covered for accidents and eventualities for the duration of your travels. However, what you might not be aware of is that a single trip insurance package has an ‘expiry date’ – and will most likely run out while you’re still drinking cocktails on a beach in Thailand or road tripping through the plains of Oz.

With proper backpacker travel insurance, however, you can adjust your policy to cover the entire length of your trip – whether your adventure lasts a few months or even up to a year.

What Eventualities Does my Policy Cover?

When you’re living out of a backpack whilst travelling the globe, there is no such thing as swinging by your parents’ home if you are running out of cash or popping into your local GP’s when you have caught a stomach bug.

With our comprehensive backpacker travel insurance, you’ll never be out of money for long. Upon your return, should you need to make a claim, we will swiftly pay back any expenses caused by:

  • Medical expenses (including diagnostic tests and In Patient Benefits) up to £10,000,000
  • Personal accidents up to £25,000
  • Accidental loss, theft or damage of personal effects including money, passports and baggage up to £2000
  • Personal liability for compensation up to £2,000,000
  • Necessary cancellation or curtailment up to £3000
  • More than 8 hours’ travel delay


How Do I Make a Claim?

If anything happens to you or your belongings and you need to make a claim, we guarantee to pay your money back within 14 days after your claim has been approved – though usually we do it in 7. Just make sure to check these boxes, and everything will be okay:

  • Keep hold of any receipts, statements and proof that you can get hold of.
  • Within 31 days, get in touch with us via the phone, email or Royal Mail to make your claim.
  • After we have approved your claim, you will receive your money back within a maximum of 14 days so you can get on with your travels!

Our team of insurance specialists is on hand to help you out with any queries.

Worry-Free Adventures with Let’s Go Insure

We do not mean to blow our own trumpet, but we have a pretty decent reputation amongst the global backpacker community for providing affordable cover that takes into account the unique needs of globetrotters who live out of a bag.

With the flexibility to pay according to your travel length and the part of the world you’re roaming, you can be sure you won’t be paying for any more than you need to.

We consider all medical conditions, because travel should be a privilege accessible to all.

And once we have approved your claim, you will receive your money back in record time – allowing you to get your finances swiftly back to normal.

You’re welcome!

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