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Cruisers, Go Set Out to Sea,
Fully Insured from Quay to Quay.

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Cruise Cover
for Single Trips
from £16.09 per trip includes:
  • Up to £1,500 on missed connections
  • Up to £300 on itinerary changes
  • Up to £300 on unused excursions
Cruise Cover
from £102.16 per year includes:
  • Up to £1,500 on missed connections
  • Up to £300 on itinerary changes
  • Up to £300 on unused excursions

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When at Sea,
Seas the Day,
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Why Do I Need Cruise Travel Insurance?

When travelling in between destinations at sea or on the ocean, you’re prone to a range of eventualities that are unique to being on the water. For example: adverse weather conditions might stop your cruise liner from making a stopover in any of the destinations that were on the itinerary. Or you might accidentally miss your connection due to unexpected traffic or a strike underway to the harbour. And then that ship – the one that you’re supposed to be on – will have sailed!

We and your cruise liner want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest, but in the unfortunate case you would get ill or have an accident, you might be confined to your cabin while you recover. If you secured a good insurance deal before departure, however, the provider will pay you back the value of the excursion, allowing you to spend that money on, for example, another cruise! This is where having good, comprehensive cover comes in handy.

Why Should I Choose Let’s Go Insure?

Let’s Go Insure has a great reputation in the cruise travel industry for providing low cost cover that’s perfectly tailored to the specific needs of this type of travel. This way, you pay only for those risks that are relevant, without paying for anything else. Simple!

On top of that, every single one of our cruise travel insurance policies are underwritten by the most stable and secure insurance companies, allowing for full peace of mind.

In case anything unexpected happens during your stay at sea, we’ll pay your money back in record time after your claim has been approved.

And that’s why our customers come back to us, over and over again.

What Am I Covered For at Sea?

This depends per insurance provider, but with Let’s Go Insure’s comprehensive cruise travel insurance, you’re covered for:

  • Cabin confinement due to an accident or illness
  • Missed excursions due to accident or illness
  • Itinerary changes due to adverse weather or timetable restrictions
  • Missed connections due to the failure of scheduled public transport, an accident or vehicle breakdown, unexpected delay due to an accident ahead, a strike, or adverse weather conditions.

And for just a few pennies a day, that is a pretty good deal.

What Do I Need to Make a Claim?

In the unfortunate event that you get affected by any of the aforementioned situations, do not worry: making a claim will be easy and painless as long as you remember to tick the following boxes:

  • If you get ill or have an accident, get a confirmation in writing of your cabin confinement by the ship’s medical officer.
  • If there have been changes to your itinerary and scheduled ports have been cancelled, get a confirmation in writing from the operator stating the reason for cancellation.
  • When delayed due to traffic congestion, obtain written confirmation from the police or the Highways Agency.

Then, simply contact our Claims specialists via email, phone or the online claims portal to obtain a claims form. You will be asked to pay any excess before we can approve your claim.

They will process your request as swiftly as possible.