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Wearable Tech for the Tuned-in Traveller

Author: Ethan Bailey

Wearables on the Rise

Move over smartphones, there’s some new tech in town! We’ve all benefited from the amazing advances in technology made over the last ten years. Now most of us would not dream of going on holiday without our smartphones, using them for everything from booking undiscovered hotels in India to navigating around medieval towns in France. However, is the reign of the smartphone over?

There is a lot of new tech on the market that might become essential for travellers before long. Though many of these pieces are still pretty pricy it won’t be long before wearables are well within the reach of most explorers. So, let’s explore what’s out there for adventurous travellers who love a handy gadget.

The Smart Watch

Smartwatch sale figures are constantly rising, but are they actually useful for travellers?

Well, (leaving aside their functionality as a watch!) the most useful feature is their mapping apps. These allow you to navigate around busy towns and cities without looking lost or waving your smartphone around – tempting to thieves in crowded areas. Both Apple Watch and Android Wear watches will helpfully buzz to indicate which direction you need to walk in, meaning you can take your eyes off the map and enjoy the sights around you.

Shut Out the Noise

So fancy earplugs might not sound as exciting as a smartwatch, but hear me out! I’m talking about QuietOn, cutting edge earplugs that generate phase-shifted sounds that cancel out annoying background noise creating absolute silence. These are perfect for long journeys and night flights.

A similar product, InspEar Active, combines noise cancelling technology with a microphone meaning you can chat to Google Assistant or Siri on your smartphone and get map directions or real-time translations right into your ears.

Keeping Fit

Keeping fit whilst travelling can be tricky, especially if you are constantly on the move and aren’t able to develop a routine. If you want to keep an eye on how far you’ve walked whilst on a mountain hike or exploring a town, go for a wristband device like a Fitbit that can track steps. Pricier options not only step count but also monitor your heart rate, helping you to collect data and achieve your goals.


Envirotrackers are great for those who love the hustle and bustle of big cities but are worried about the smog and pollution often found in large centres. These wearable devices monitor the air you breathe and UV levels, sending reports to your phone. Some models even clean the air you breathe! They can filter pollen, pollution and bacteria making your travels much more comfortable. I predict that products like the anti-pollution scarf from Clausette’s Wair will become very popular in the coming years.

Whatever tech you decide to take with you on your travels – computer, smart watch, phone – make sure to take out gadget travel insurance in case something happens to your beloved gadget. Travel insurance might not cover your tablet, envirotracker or camera so protect them in case of damage or theft from just a couple of pounds per trip. Our gadget travel insurance can cover up to seven items and you’ll get cash quickly if you need to repair or replace an item when you get home. It’s the ideal travel companion.