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Get the Most Thrill Out of your Bungee Jump with These Techniques

Author: Ethan Bailey

You’re standing on top of a 233-metre tower, the Macau Tower in China. This soaring feat of engineering broke the Guinness World Record for Highest Commercial Bungee Jump on the planet... and you’re starting to feel it. As the instructor’s busy hyping you up and attaching your body harness to the specially designed bungee cord (with guide cables and recovery system), you’re busy trying to keep your legs steady. Standing at the edge of the tiny platform, the adrenaline really starts getting out of control as your instructor grabs you by the harness, allowing you spend a few seconds (which feel like ages) just hanging there above the drop, anticipating the fall...

And before you know what hit you, you’re in the world’s highest bungee jump freefall.

So, what can you do when you are actually in free fall to make this potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience the most fun it can get? Here is a quick guide to bungee jumping techniques that will make you feel as free as a bird.

Bungee Jumping Techniques

These bungee jumping techniques will make you feel like you’re flying.

The Swallow Dive

By far one of the most beloved jumps amongst adrenaline-seekers, this one involves a nice big leap away from the platform with one’s arms stretched out wide, allowing you to soar like a bird towards the ground. Expect a grand rush of blood to the heart… and by the time the cord starts to stretch, you will be pointing straight down for a smooth deceleration.

Note: if you’re wearing a body harness that’s attached to the cord at the front, make sure to twist 180 degrees so that by the time the cord becomes taut you will be facing upwards.

The Back Dive

The back dive (as featured in the video) is a slightly harder jumping technique, as you’ll need to really throw yourself into it so that when you reach the bottom of the fall, your head will be pointing downwards.

Again, make sure to be facing upwards at the end of your fall when you’re wearing a body harness that is connected at the front.

The Bat Drop

One of my personal favourites. In order to make a bat drop, you’ll need to position yourself so that you are hanging upside down (yes, like a bat – or a vampire!) on the edge of the platform. You’ll need someone else to hold your feet, and once they let go, you’ll just drop like a rock straight down!


You must have seen this one before – with the elevator jump, you step from the platform with your feet pointing down. Once you get to the end of the cord, you’ll automatically flip the right way round.

Tip: I recommend that you only attempt this one an all-rubber (Euro/Kiwi) cord, because with a Mil. Spec. it will most certainly hurt and it might even do permanent harm to your ankles…

There are many more ways to go about your jump, some slightly more dangerous than others. The best part, perhaps, is playing around with ways of letting go of the platform. You could, for example, be thrown by your mates; have yourself attached by the waist by a piece of webbing that is then slowly cut until it breaks; or stand on top of a railing (usually of a bridge) with some help from your friends before you take the leap into the thin air… It’s your party – make the most of it!

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