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Adventure Cruises: Redefining Cruise Travel

Author: LGAdmin

You’re standing on the deck of a small ship at sunrise. You bring your hands slowly to your chest and breathe in and out, focusing on the gentle ebb and flow of your breath. In mountain pose you turn to face the rising sun, as its rays light up the waves that gently rock the boat beneath you. You feel more alive at this moment than ever before. You roll up your mat and think about the day ahead, spotting marine wildlife from a kayak out on the blue ocean waves. This is cruising.

Some people believe that cruise holidays are sedentary and monotonous. Banish this notion from your head and get ready to see cruising in a whole new light!

Anchors Away!

Cruise travel can be exciting, adventurous and totally unique. The key to a memorable voyage is to travel on a small ship. A smaller vessel whisks you away from the crowds of day trippers and to fascinating, secluded corners of the ocean that a larger ship just can’t reach. An adventure cruise allows you to explore the land and sea in new ways, such as diving and kayaking, or cycling and horse riding. Here are three adventure cruise locations which combine incredible wildlife and scenery with a range of thrilling activities.  

Cruising in Costa Rica

Costa Rica boasts 4% of the earth’s species so it’s not surprising that you’ll find areas of outstanding natural beauty around the country. From skiffing around quiet mangrove forests to hiking in the jungle, there are plenty of opportunities to experience this exceptional location on an adventure cruise. The jungle is populated with monkeys, sloths and various exotic birds, but it’s worth spending time on the ocean too as you might spot humpback whales, dolphins and turtles.

The Gorgeous Galapagos

If you fancy yourself the next Charles Darwin – or just can’t get enough of nature – head to the Galapagos Islands. Here, Darwin uncovered the mysteries of evolution and there is plenty more to be discovered. There are so many ways to encounter wildlife here, from snorkelling to kayaking, or a swim in the sun. This is a unique location with several species of wildlife found nowhere else in the whole world, such as the Giant Tortoise and the Marine Iguana. A cruise round the Galapagos is no ordinary journey; it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Swimming in the Sea of Cortes

You’ll be enchanted by the savage beauty of Mexico’s Sea of Cortes with its aquamarine waters and red-rock cliffs. You can paddle-board in the morning sun or swim alongside friendly sea lions. Once on land, you can embark on a mule ride led by locals to a desert oasis. This corner of the world is relatively untouched by humans, but with over 200 bird, 40 reptile and 50 mammal species, there are plenty of animals who call the area home.

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